Top 5 Mont Tremblant Restaurants

Mont Tremblant restaurants are the finest for your winter and summer vacation considerations. In this blog, we have composed the top five best restaurants in or around the vicinity of Mont Tremblant resort.

The SEB L’artisanculinaire

It is located 44 Rue St-Georges, Mont Tremblant. The Le Seb offers one of the world finest dining experiences in the Mont Tremblant region. The restaurants boastof an outstanding as well as innovative dish, providing a flair for French cuisine hence very few competitors. Its menu is not limited to the extensive wine list as well as a broad range of dishes that include

• Veal
• Duck
• Quail
• Seafood
• Perfect risotto

If it is your first time at the Mont Tremblant then you can enjoy the mixed cheese plate plus pate mixed with marinated olives or even you would like some delicious steamed mussels. In thecase of dessert choices, you may think of a decadent chocolate-tasting platter, as well as a light and fluffy soufflé plus a glass of sparkling wine.check more information at

During the Mont Tremblant Nightlife, you can try the Le Seb’s excellent dishes as well as the thoughtful staff that boosts the dining experience that will offer a very informative as well as a non-intimidating dinner.

Grill & Pub

It is located at St. George 890 De St-Jovite in Mont Tremblant region. Most of the area residents will recommend this restaurant to the summer visitors. At thetime some tourist leaving far away Mont Tremblant accommodations happens to come to this restaurant for the Steak Frites St-Georges.

The dishes that will offer a relish includes the

• steak tartare
• the duck confit

After a single experience at the restaurant, you will want to return especially for the right price of its products and services from its efficient staff as well as the quiet atmosphere. The mixture of small tables, as well as larger booths inside the place,makes this a suitable place for couples or even biggergroups. There are also places to sit outside. The restaurant is conveniently situated at the intersection of two main streets.

Restaurant La Forge

If you are considering for a friendly service as well as meat grilled over the maple wood for dinner then this restaurant for you. You will enjoy the open view of the restaurant where you will see how the food is being prepared. The deluxe décor has

• Wrought iron
• wood
• quality leather

With the restaurant terrace you will find an incredible mountain view, where there is a large selection of liqueurs, cognac as well as scotches, hence the best place for Mont Tremblant Nightlife.

The La Petite Cacheerestaurant

If you are considering for a comfortable place to be in the log cabin restaurant, then the La Petite Cachee is the place to be. Here you will enjoy the Mountain View as well as the flavorful food that will offer you a big reason to return. You will enjoy the fresh served Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

Its regular menu meals are the grilled Atlantic salmon, the lobster risotto, the grilled veal loin as well as pizza with grilled tofu. Don’t worry about the prices as Mont Tremblant is the place for to stay on a budget.

The La Savoie restaurant

Mont Tremblant Restaurants

It is at La Savoie that specializes in fondue, as well as the raclette. You will have a taste of foods such as the filet mignon, the duck, shrimp, the chicken, potatoes, the rice pilaf as well as salad. If you are a fun of Red wine fondue plus broth fondue are also available here. You can find out more at .

Be sure when planning your visit to Mont Tremblant, to rent out one of her luxurious chalets or condos in Mont Tremblant accommodations.

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