Best Apres Ski in Mont Tremblant

Are you in the quest of finding the best après ski Mont Tremblant then you having just to travel 2 hours from the city of Montreal. After a day full of spring skiing experience then comes the famous Après ski experience that composes of drinking, heritage dancing, as well as the Canadian socializing. The Tremblant is one of the top best Quebec’s many international tourist destinations that boost for its cozy village that offers a variety of restaurants as well as bars that are located on the foot of the hill.

While at Mont Tremblantit is at the time very hard to choose the best Après ski where you can access the right terrace for drinking as well as socializing. At times, it can be hard to choose the right terrace for drinks and socializing, as there are so many options to pick. Here is the guide that will drive you through in choosing the best of the Après-ski while you enjoy the Tremblant village culture.


It is located at Kandahar in Mont-Tremblant in the Middle of the village. The Le Petit Caribou is one of the best Mont Tremblant bars for Après-Ski. Here you will have a pie of the offer for beer specials any afternoon you are there. This acts to attract the locals, as well as tourist to the bar. It is mostly known for its relaxation environment where you can still find people dancing in the bar as well as singing the sweet music all night till the bar closes.

The Yaooo Pizza Bar

This is still located at Kandahar in Mont Tremblant, still in the heart of the village. It is just a few steps for the Le Petit Caribou, and the Yaooo Pizza Bar is my favorite spot for food plus drinks after a long skiing in Mont Tremblant. They do not offer a traditional Après-Ski experience; typically involving specials on drinks. Though, sitting on their terrace drinking from a big pitcher of cold beer and eating theirextraordinary three cheeses thin crust pizza with my friends does this place justice and secures them a spot on this list.


Itis set at the top of the village next to the foot of the hill offering an authentic ski-inn experience. Mont Tremblant Nightlife at the bar is boosted with full food menu as well as an excellent collection of beers La Forge is a great place to relax and drink with friends and family afterwards a big day of skiing. On a classic day of spring skiing, you can smell their BBQ fired up while waiting in line for the chair lift.visit their original website for more details.

Apres Ski in Mont Tremblant


It is set at thetop of the mountain hence a high altitude bar. Its terrace spans are almost 180 degrees on the left side of the building offering a spectacular view of the Laurentians. Gamble up to take in their outdoor BBQ’s every afternoon during spring…. they fire up the BBQ for burgers and beer! A must try while visiting Mont Tremblant after  dark.

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